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Dec 28, 2011 7:00pm PST
. here's "ac 360." piers, thanks. 10:00 on east coast. we begin tonight with syria and our keeping them honest. for months, we have witnessed the world has witnessed men, women, children, demonstrating the streets. initially they called for reforms. those calls were met with arrests, torture, killing, they began to call for the overthrow of the regime. there has been more bloodshed in syria, and sadly that's nothing new. what is new tonight is there's a team of observers from the arab league on the ground in syria. observers sent to verify that syria's president al assad is keeping his promises to remove military forces from streets, to stop violence from protesters. they've been on the ground about 48 hours. their initial statements are so far stunning. the chief monitor of this arab league observer force's sudanese commander. not only a commander but also the former head of foreign intelligence in the government of omar al bashir, a man wanted by the international criminal court for genocide in crimes against humanity. more on that in a moment. today, the head of the arab league team
Dec 29, 2011 2:00am PST
>>> we begin tonight with syria and are keeping an honest report. for months the world has witnessed men, will and children, demonstrating in the streets. initially they called for reforms, when those calls were met with arrests and torture and killings, they began to call for overthrow. there's a team of observers from the arab league now on the ground in syria. observers sent in to verify that syria's president, bashar al assad, is keeping his promises to remove military forces from streets, to stop violence against protesters. they've been on the ground for 48 hours and their initial statements are so far stunning. the chief monitor of the arab league observer force is a sudanese military commander mohammed mustafa al dabbi, he's the former head of intelligence in the government of omar basher. a man wanted for crimes against humanity. he told "reuters" that quote things were calm and there were no clashes in homs. he went on to say, the situation seems reassuring so far. he also said, some places looked a bit of a mess, but there was nothing frightening. nothing frighte
Dec 28, 2011 4:00pm PST
>> the loss of life in syria despite the presence of arab league monitors. the north koreans pay their last respects to kim jong un hill and all eyes turned to the regime's new leaders. escalating sectarian violence in nigeria as christians warned that they will respond following a wave of deadly islam as the tax. welcome to "bbc world news." palestinian police rushed in to break up a brawl between rival priests at the church of the nativity in bethlehem. could the colosseum in rome be crumbling? violence is continuing in syria despite the presence of the arab league monitoring mission. 10 people were killed including one child on wednesday. syrian state television is report that 755 people held in their role in the uprising have been released but activists say as many as 15,000 remain in prison. this report does contain distressing images. >> no let up in the violence even with the arab league monitors whose mission is to try to stem the bloodshed. these images from the town of homs which emerged after the team said the situation was reassuring. opposition activists are determin
Dec 28, 2011 6:00am PST
't seeing anything frightening in the streets of homs or other parts of syria. of course, this is raising some eyebrows saying there are only ten of you in each hot spot and you are being acompacompanied be syrian government. >> that's right, hala. we were told observers would fan out to other citiy ies and we hd that in hama there were protests and clashes earlier in the day. now, we're being told, in fact, those visits were postponed for logistical reasons and causing more concerns among the activists and many of them are really convinced that what the syrian government is showing these observers is just a charade. it's not the real picture of what's going on there in syria right now. we heard yesterday that while observers were in the city activists and residents said crackdowns were still going on and thousands of protesters that were in places in the neighborhood there being fired upon with live ammunition and tear gas trying to disperse the crowd. when we spoke to arab league monitors earlier today and asked them, they said, you know, reports being written up and being delivered to
Dec 27, 2011 2:30pm PST
league observers began their work in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of stepping up attacks against their people ahead of the rival. india has passed a landmark bill cracking down on corruption. hezare would like a tougher law. welcome to "bbc world news" on america at -- on pbs in america and around the globe. one of the strange occurrences reported in north korea ahead of wednesday's state funeral. watch it again, sam. why hollywood has become so obsessed with sequels. the president of israel has condemned the behavior of ortho or -- ultra-orthodox jews whose campaign for gender segregation in public places has led to clashes. in beit shemesh, women have been subjected to harassment by ultra-orthodox men who claim they have not been properly dressed. the rally has highlighted the division between moderate jews and minority extremists and the issue of religious coercion. our colleague was in the town of beit shemesh and he told us about what sparked outrage. >> israeli television did a story on a family, and 8-year- old who had been getting abused and harassment from middle age ult
Dec 27, 2011 4:00pm PST
>> israeli outrage against ultra-orthodox jews. arab league observers began working in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of step attacks against its own people at of their arrival. a new outpouring of public grief is expected on the streets of p'yongyang. a very warm welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and our around the world. how this iconic paris cathedral fell in and out of favor and back in again. the giant outdoor escalator transforming lives and one of columbia's poorest neighborhoods. several thousand israelis have demonstrated in the town of beit shemesh to condemn the behavior of old so orthodox jews who want to segregate between the sexes. the behavior of -- the israeli president has said a minority in israel is acting is -- is acting outrageously. >> by early evening, thousands had gathered in beit shemesh angry at the treatment of women by ultra orthodox jews who want greater separation between the sexes. in recent months, many israelis have been shocked of grown men hurl abuse at school girls. their crime, dressing in modestly. >> >> over the weekend, israeli telev
Dec 23, 2011 2:00pm EST
between turkey and saudi arabia and the stakes in iran of the current government in syria falls apart. this is about 90 minutes. good afternoon. i run the middle east program at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars. welcome to today's meeting and knees or allies in the new middle east -- turkey, iran, and saudi arabia. this meeting is part of an ongoing series of meetings we have had for a whole year since the beginning of the revolution in tunisia, egypt, libya, and yemen and also the ongoing events in syria and bahrain. our speakers today include a senior scholar at the woodrow wilson center and former cairo bureau chief for the washington post. we have the biographies of the speakers distributed, so i will be very brief. david's last paper as part of our occasional paper series was saudi arabia in that shadow of the arab revolt. we have a few copies still left. i would urge you to pick one on your way out. our second speaker is a former fellow at the wilson center. he is a professor of international relations at lehigh university. i just received a copy of his lates
Dec 28, 2011 6:00pm PST
>> your welcome to the "journal." fresh clashes in syria as questions are raised about the credibility of arab league monitors. funeral ceremonies take place for legal korean leader kim jong il amid scenes of public grief. investors showed unexpected interest in the second italian bonds raging. the country expecting a windfall. the violent crackdown on anti- government protesters in syria continues, despite the presence of arab peace monitors in the country. activists said syrian security forces fired on thousands of demonstrators, killing at least six people. meanwhile, arab league monitors visited the city of homs, which has seen violent demonstrations the past few months, but monitors said they had observed nothing out of the ordinary. syrian activists have denounced the fact-finding mission as a force. >> the observers have been home since tuesday. this video appears to show them surrounded by a crowd of angry locals. people say the monitors are ignoring their attempts to explain what is happening. the head of the mission was quoted as saying some places looked "a b
Dec 29, 2011 12:30am PST
to a standstill. in syria, there is no respite from the violence, despite the presence of arab league monitors. the united states warned it will not tolerate iran's aggression in the middle east. welcome to the bbc news, broadcast in america and around the globe. coming up a bit lichter, a brush with the law. orthodox priest who clashed in a cleanup at jesus' presumed earthquakes. another member of the gandhi dynasty comes to the forefront. can't it reverse the fortunes of the congress party? welcome once again. possibly a million soldiers and civilians fill the central square in p'yongyang to take part in a national memorial service for kim jong il. his son and designated successor, kim jong un , was hailed as a new supreme leader of the state and the military. the end of the official mourning was marked by a three minutes' silence, followed by trains, factories, and ships sounding their horns across the nation. lucy williamson is in seoul. how was this memorial service covered in south korea? was it on the national broadcaster? >> i think very few south koreans have seen the pictures we have
Dec 27, 2011 3:00am PST
toddler who vanished from her bed only days before christmas. >>> syria under siege. the bloody crackdown intensified. the army shelling its own people as the arab world steps in to try to end the slaughter of civilians. >>> and an all-out brawl at the mall. police with guns drawn, shoppers scrambling for exits. chaos after christmas on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. it's tuesday, december 27th. this is "american morning." i'm alina cho along with ali velshi. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> we're so glad you're with us today. >> there's a lot going on. let's get right to it. starting in iowa. it's the place to be this morning. five top republicans plan to visits hawkeye state today. not going for the corn. seven day rees main until the iowa caucuses. the first in the nation, a nomination is up for grabs. cnn political director mark preston is live in des moines this morning. mark, the week begins with newt gingrich trying to distance himself once again, not from someone else, but from his own past. >> reporter: yeah. from his own
Dec 21, 2011 1:00pm PST
in the fight over the payroll tax cut. >>> also, new allegations of genocide in syria. is the white house reaction tough enough? >>> and iraq's prime minister demands the vice president be brought to justice. >>> down to the wire for republican candidates before the first presidential votes are cast in iowa. some fear a risky stalemate in congress could hurt the republicans' chances of reclaiming the white house. let's discuss what's going on with former u.s. senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum. thanks for coming in. let me get right to the issue of the moment here in washington. are you with house republicans or senate republicans when it comes to extending the payroll tax cut for middle class american families? >> my feeling is that there is a social security trust fund that is used to pay social security benefits or there isn't. and someone who's been on the butt end of many attacks that republicans don't care about social security, the republicans are the ones who are tries to get social security, republicans are the ones who are going to make sure they're not going to stand up a
Dec 27, 2011 6:00pm PST
segregation. observers began working in syria. the u.s. accuses damascus of setting up attacks against its people ahead of their arrival. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting on pbs in america, and around the globe. coming up later, fears mount over a toxic chemical leak in northern australia as a freight train is swept off a bridge in a tropical cyclone. the only way is up. the giant outdoor escalator transforming lives in north columbia's poorest neighborhoods. -- columbia -- colombia's porous neighborhoods. hello and welcome. final preparations are underway for the state funeral of kim jong il, which is due to start soon. north koreans continue public mourning. the body of the leader is expected to be driven through p'yongyang. state television usually features nothing but positive reports on what the regime has been doing. lucy williamson reports from south korea that the broadcasts have taken on an almost supernatural tone. >> north koreans are used to hyperbole in the nightly news, beginning every night with a song about the magical qualities of their leader's birthplace, the hospital h
Dec 28, 2011 3:00am PST
very much. >>> the bloody crackdown in syria continues right under the noses are the arab league monitors who are in the country. they will visit two new towns at the center of the uprising. an opposition group says 14 more people killed. thousands in the streets to protest the al assad regime. a human rights group is accusing them of hiding hundreds in military sites. >>> iran is threatening to block the flow of crude l through the strait of hormuz that is driving oil prices up. every day some 15 million barrel of crude flow through the channel connecting the indian ocean and persian gulf. iran's vice president is warning that the strait will be blocked if the west following through on threats to impose sanctions on its crude exports. >> these are long-standing threats. the u.s. military patrols that area as well. >>> terrifying moments in new mexico. a police squad car crashes into a crowded restaurant. the officer loses control after being clipped by another car on the highway. the cruiser stopped in front of one of the fire pits right in front of kerosene and propane. the res
Dec 30, 2011 8:00am PST
. >>> crowds defy danger and took to the streets in syria today. opposition groups call the rallies the crawl to freedom square. they urge demonstrators to defy sniper attacks to make their way to public gathering places. the opposition says 32 people were killed by security forces today. the uprising has prompted some soldiers to defect. >> translator: we got the orders in the army that went against my oath as a soldier. i had sworn to protect civilians, but when i saw what the government forces were doing to the people, i defected. >>> they say there will be no change in policy despite the death of kim jong il now replaced by his son. the state-run news agency put out a statement saying north koreans are insulted south korea didn't allow more people to attend kim's funeral. it says, the tears they shed will turn into a, quote, roar of revenge. >>> police in egypt stormed the offices of ten human rights and pro-democracy groups, some of which are u.s. funded. they took computers, other he electronics. the egyptian prosecutor's office says it's part of an illegal funding probe. the u.s. state
FOX News
Dec 19, 2011 4:00pm PST
places to put the bodies following the typhoon and flash flooding. syria. as protests continue across the country, the deputy foreign minister signing a peace deal to allow the 21 nation arab league to send in observers. it's part of a plan to end the government's bloody crackdown. shows soldiers and activists facing off in homes. we can't independently confirm this because syria bars foreign journalists. colombia soccer fans furious after the team's defeat. we are told it started on the field when fans rushed some of the players. then they took the violence to the streets reportedly beating and knifing people and facing off with riot police. officials say at least 12 people were hurt and dozens arrested. siberia. forcing one man to wait for rescue on 00 roof. flights diverted to a nearby airport as firefighters work to get the flames under control. nobody hurt but the blaze destroyed the building. officials are investigating and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. your holiday smart phone destination. >> she
Dec 28, 2011 6:00pm PST
the violence in syria, despite the arab league monitoring. the united states warned it will not tolerate iran's threats to the middle east. silence for military gun salutes in p'yongyang. the funeral ceremony for kim jong il. welcome to bbc news. the broadcast on pbs in america, and around the world. a brush with the law. orthodox protesters clashed in a christmas cleanup at jesus''s presumed birth place. a descendant of gandhi. can he receive -- revive the fortunes of the congress party? welcome to bbc news. in national memorial service in north korea for kim jong il is beginning. we believe so, anyway. these are the pictures coming to us live from the north korean capital of p'yongyang. you just got a glimpse of the thousands of mourners who have gathered. morning guns will be boomed in p'yongyang and provincial seats around the country to coincide with the national memorial service in the capital. of course, one of the mourners in chief will be kim jong il's third son, kim jong un. it is believed, because his official appointment as successor has not been confirmed, but all the indications
Dec 28, 2011 5:30pm PST
of syria. arab league observers have arnsed and will try witnessing the uprising and also the government crackdown first hand. what are they finding? >> it's very troubling so far to u.s. officials because the arab league monitors have been on the ground for two days and they have not pushed back against restrictions that the regime has imposed on their inspections, and these are the first outside monitors that syria has permitted in. they have blocked their access to key areas where atrosities are reported. the u.s. is withholding any formal criticism because they hope this mission can succeed. in these two days the monitors have not gotten in and activists are reporting six more killings and opposition leaders are calling this arab league effort a farce. lester. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. >>> important health news tonight about the fight against ovarian cancer, which kills more than 15,000 american women each year. two studies out tonight show that avastin, a drug already approved for other cancers but is also controversial, could help women buy more time in the battle with this deadl
Dec 28, 2011 11:00am PST
of that. let's talk about syria for a moment. at least six people killed in violent clashes between the government and anti-government forces there. any indication at this point that syria's president is going to step down at some point soon? >> no, not at all. he seems to be determined to fight it out. and although the arab league has now sent monitors into syria, to try to get firsthand information of what's going on, the foreign media is not allowed. all we're seeing is youtube videos and cell phone pictures that have been posted online. those monitors are going to get a sense of what's going on in the country. the fact that his forces continue to kill people while the monitors arei% the country. that says that he's not about to be backing down, he wants to go all the way. >> bobby ghosh, thank you, sir. happy new year. >> and to you. >>> rick perry suing virginia to get on the state's primary ballot. does his legal challenge stand a chance in court? >>> why a judge ruled the mexican american studies program in one school district is illegal. >>> and which tom hanks film is now a
Dec 20, 2011 11:00pm EST
was the israelis. it's a signal tohe iranians a to what could happen doing it again syria was seizure and risked a lot less rebellion. and la year theres was a visit to north korea by a stamford professor and they showed him running a uranium enrichment plant. that is second to a bomb all of the bomb we know are plutonium based. they warned that thin they were buildi a second pathway that they purchased from pakistan. in the end the intel intelligens right. they clearly have the beginnings eveof a signature signicant nucr possibility. >> charlie: what can you tellusg the dynamic of the political infighting that is taking place in north korea today? pgh. >> jeff: one problems withnortho know what is going on. there it's not a problem that we americans have and south core ryan-- south koreans have. i think that as chris said, this young man is kind eve of like a blank slate. i don't know of any american that has melt him. -- met him. is to reason to believe he is held in hig highest high h hig . >> pgthey arethere is a group h ca about the population. and is there to see mass starvation. there
Dec 28, 2011 5:00am EST
the mourners as tens of thousands watch in an outpouring of grief. arab league observers in syria trying to verify whether the crackdown has ended. welcome to the bbc world news. also coming up, argentina's president cristina fernandez de kirchner is to undergo surgery for cancer. why austria may never have been so hazardous. in heavy falling snow lining the 40 kilometer route of a funeral procession, north koreans have been paying their respects, weeping and wailing. as kim jong-il was transported through pyongyang. he ruled the country for 17 years. is dennis son and presumed successor walked alongside, and giving warner is one of their first glimpses of their next leader. lucy williamson has this report from south korea. >> the funeral of the most secretive leader, broadcast live on north korean tv. a glimpse into a country usually shrouded from view. the slow funeral procession through the streets of pyongyang, a sign that stability is crucial now. whatever the private feelings of the crowds that line the path, this is a moment of uncertainty for this nuclear-armed state. kim jong-il
Dec 28, 2011 8:00am PST
out of syria is said to show defectors trying to ambush security forces in daraa. cnn cannot independently confirm this claim. observers from the arab league are now in the country for a second day to determine if the government has kept its promise to stop the bloody crackdown on its citizens. a league official tells cnn they have postponed trips to three cities today due to logistical reasons. >>> tens of thousands of north koreans wailing and beating their chests fill the streets of pyongyang. a lincoln carried his coffin on the roof. another carried a giant portrait of him. analysts say the perfectly choreographed funeral signals a new era under his son, kim jong un. >>> the trial of former egyptian president hosni mubarak continued today after several months of delay. the ailing 83-year-old entered the courtroom on a gurney. he is charged with corruption and murder for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters calling for an end to his 30-year-regime. court adjourned only after a few hours. it is set to resume on monday. >>> two women have been arrested for allegedly
Dec 20, 2011 8:00am PST
announcer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. >>> syria now says it will execute so-called terrorists. the announcement is seen as a direct threat to the anti-government protesters. it comes as two opposition groups accuse government forces ever killing 100 people during yesterday's protest. you are looking here at the funeral of the man who is allegedly killed by army and security forces. this crowd chants, we will defend our martyr with our souls and blood. the u.n. estimates 5,000 people have died in political violence in syria this year alone. in egypt, demonstrators and security forces clashed at the million women march. this is to call attention to what protesters say is regime violence against female demonstrators. these photos show a woman being beaten and dragged in tahrir square. mohammed joins us right now in cairo. so many people saw that woman being beaten by the egyptian military, carried away. is there anyone on the ground trying to reach her on protect her? >> reporter: suzanne, many people here both inside and outside egypt trying to find this woman,
Dec 26, 2011 1:00pm PST
to the scenes of violence that continue to pour out of syria. here, a tank rolls down a street. a neighborhood in the flash point city. activists say thousands of syrian troops recently surrounded it and are shelling it almost daily. cnn can't verify many of the videos posted from sir why but one homs resident describes the carnage we witnessed, explaining how everyone has become a target. in the last two days, there is a lot of injury. more than 200 injury. in the last three days. they executed little children because they shout against assad. the bombing one house,cy veilian house. >> the bombard many has escal e escalated. the same day a protocol was signed allowing arab league observers into syria, activists say the syrian army stormed the town. this video purports to show family members mourning loved ones who died in what is called the massacre. residents have become accustom to the violence. many even fear to bury their dead in public cemeteries. in this video, taken no n november, some bury their loved ones near a deserted road. at a hospital, one injured demonstrators lays in his bed
Dec 28, 2011 7:30am EST
in the book in the chapter not so subtly that you call setback about iran and north korea, about syria and nonproliferation issues and you suggested various points in the chapter that the bush and administration lost its way, hattie's and to leave your away from the bush doctrine that was so well established in the first term. and i wonder if you see president bush himself lost his nerve. .. >> convey that. and there were, this was an area that had to do with north korea's nuclear aspirations and activities, building a nuclear reactor for the syrians in eastern syria that would allow them, ultimately, to produce all nuclear weapons and so forth. um, it was one where with there were significant differencesif inside the administration. i think many of those were known, but part of my interest o was in putting down the historyh of that period. and the policy debates, and i thought there were lessons to be learned. we weren't the first administration having trouble figuring how not to get the north koreans to go nuclear. the clinton administration faced similar problems. the obama administ
Dec 29, 2011 1:00am PST
syria are criticizing the arab league saying the group didn't send enough observers to monitor the country. observers on this video appear to be witnessing heavy arms fire in the city of homs. the men in orange vests are apparently the monitors taking photos in the area. >>> state-run tv in mean marseilles at least 20 people were killed in an ploex and fire. government officials tell the french press agency the blast happened in a compound of warehouses but it was not caused by a bomb. the report says more than 95 people have been injured, many of them firemen. >>> a final tribute to their fallen leader. ♪ north koreans took part in a memorial service for kim jong il who died nearly two weeks ago. they observed three minutes of silence for the former leader and pledged support for the new leader, kim jong-un. >>> what's expected to be a robust debate has began in the indian government over anti-corruption legislation. the bill would give power to create an ombudsman in house. those are the top stories from cnn, the world's news leader. "world business today" starts right now.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 105 (some duplicates have been removed)